• In human terms, how can we prepare and train our partners? How to get a better harmony between the contents taught and the reality we face in companies? How can we help students master the skills, the individual and collective knowledge?


  • How can you contribute to the enhancement of the vocational pathways and to the contextualization of the contents of the general education system to, in technical and economic terms, highlight your identity and innovate?


Succy manages the investments of the company in education and training
in order to lastingly enhance its society’s development.

We guide the working world in their learning and training activities.


Avec Succy, les investissements de votre entreprise sont efficacement concrétisés en activités éducatives.
  • You are a small or a big company, institution, association, foundation or a professional federation.
  • You know how important your links with the teaching and training world are. You would like to invest actively and with success by enhancing and developing your human and/or your technical capital.
  • Succy develops solutions adapted to partners from all sorts of sectors.
  • Succy is an educational innovation actor and offers the companies its expertise and creativity. With Succy, the investments of your company become efficiently concrete by creating learning activities (thematic challenges, resources, testimonies, teaching material, training sessions, etc.) and/or by using training modules which are adapted and also innovative.

Succy analyses how a company works and applies its reality to the school programs
and to the company requirements in order to fulfill a strong commitment.

The teaching and training world benefits from interactive and concrete activities linked to sciences and technologies or to other subjects. Succy believes in a relevant model for students as well as for teachers and adults that gives life to learnings: the companies are the learning context and the contents follow the official reference school documents and the previously defined training programs.

Succy offers a large range of learning and training activities to discover the company, to extend your knowledge and skills and/or to conduct concrete investigations, such as the following examples may show you for the school field.

Succy - Activités éducatives et formatives à Marche en Famenne.

The automotive materials for the youngest ones

An automotive company would like to invest in education, thanks to Succy. They want to promote all the work done by their engineers and technicians by spotlighting their abilities to solve the many technical constraints.

Succy offers, develops and hands in, with the company, a set of documents for the classes. In it, the students can find samples of different materials. When using and developing their knowledge and scientific skills, the company ask them to determine which materials are the most suitable to build up different parts of its last car model.

The electric and density conductance tests, the thermal conductivity tests and the ones referring to the impact resistance and to magnetism allow the students, thanks to an appropriate material they are given, to become real engineers, scientists and technicians, and at the same time to discover the jobs of the automotive world.

In this way, the youngest ones can get accustomed to physics, to the material properties and to the importance of their good use in the car world

(Concept developed by the European Space Agency)

Succy - acteur d'innovation en éducation et formation.

The bus… of the future !

A public transport company would like to make the students discover all the jobs they offer. They also want to focus on safety in their buses and highlight the new technologies they use.

Succy can at the same time develops an innovative challenge by plunging the students in IT in the working world! Indeed, the students must build their own model bus. It must be equipped with sensors and computer systems that can increase the passengers’ and the road users’ safety.

During a presentation day before a jury of experts, the students have to develop a futuristic public bus and compare what they will have created to the productions of the other classes: avoiding obstacles, adding automatic brakes, an adaptive cruise control, …

The participants learn to carry out a multidisciplinary project, to program and to manage scientific and technical tools but also to show what they set up. They discover how important the road safety and the use of public transport are.

Succy - Valoriser fièrement la responsabilité sociétale des entreprises (RSE).

Funny plastics

It is not always easy for a company involved in petrochemistry and in plastic manufacturing to promote its products, techniques and jobs. For example, a company making food packaging can trust Succy.

The diversity of plastic materials is an endless source of discussions and discoveries. Thanks to an experimental package thought for them and related learning materials, Succy and the company help the students understand better the world around them.

The students make some plastic materials and understand the diversity and complexity. They try other materials, compare them to the ones they use every day and discuss how to recycle them. From baby diapers to food packaging, clothes and cars, the students learn to scan the horizon of the polymers.

The students can scan chemistry with interest, as if they were real professionals. They learn how to determine rigorously the best applications and new uses of the materials they can create, test and discover.

Succy - Connecter de manière pertinente le monde scolaire et le monde professionnel.

Let’s touch the sky

An airline business would like the students to discover the real weather conditions in the upper-atmosphere. Indeed, for their planes, there are many physical constraints and it is important for their partners to master and understand them.

Thanks to a concrete challenge, Succy develops for this company a way for schools to study the atmosphere. The students discover scientific tools and learn to write and build their own experiment with a technology equipment and appropriate learning resources.

Thanks to drones and balloons, the students can explore the conditions linked to temperature, air pressure and humidity level at heights they have never been! Therefore, they will understand the challenge that the construction of a plane represents and talk about their conclusions with professionals of the company involved in the project!

The students develop many skills with fun but also they also increase their scientific, technological and multidisciplinary knowledge. They put themselves in an aeronautic company shoes which cares for their learning process.

What if we studied how to minimize the physical constraints on a train car in a concrete way?

  • Let’s discover how to use the light and the optical activity in the film industry?
  • What if we developed a model which shows the power supply of a village from a developing country?
  • What about sexuality and the contraceptive production?
  • Let’s optimize the agriculture and the logging thanks to Earth satellite image uses?
  • Let’s also discover the jobs linked to vaccine development and its pharmaceuticals chemistry?
  • What about analyzing seaweed to understand its biology and the possible uses in the agro-food industry?
  • Let’s cook a little to discover how chemistry finds its way into our recipes and let’s talk about the hygiene in food service industries?

Succy will find the school activity that best matches the company and will adapt it perfectly to the target audience!
Succy has a lot of fun studying sciences, mathematics and technologies because he always connects the jobs and the careers.

Together, we can also, in a specific or multidisciplinary way, talk about history, geography, sport and languages… depending on the companies’ interests and the school environment.



Succy is really happy to work with partners who think education matters:
the SNCB (National railway company of Belgium),
the European Space Agency,
the FOREM (a Belgian public utility linked to professional training and job seeking),
the management Academy, Teach 4Belgium, etc.
We extend the warmest thanks to them for the partnership and the trust we built together.

Contact us and let’s create together learning activities for your company!

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